Top 5 Massage Guns Under $250 – Getting the Most Power for the Buck

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Are there good enough options for a massage gun under 250 dollars? You may be surprised if you’ve been looking at the higher price tags on some of the top models. Less expensive massage guns today are coming out with a ton of great features, deep tissue massage capabilities, and fun accessories.

A Buying Guide for Massage Guns Under 250

There are a few things to know before you go shopping for a massage gun under 250 dollars.

First of all, the Theragun is the most notable massage gun on the market. It’s also much more expensive than most people are looking to spend. When you read about less expensive massage guns, they’ll be compared to the Theragun’s features, since it has become the gold standard.

The next thing to know is that massage guns are also often called percussion massagers. This is to distinguish a massage gun from more traditional home massage tools, which tend to focus on vibration. A percussion massager, or massage gun, will often knead the muscles in a percussive manner, meaning more force.

Massage guns tend to have adjustable speeds. Some of these have more adjustable options than others, so keep that in mind if you already know that you want a particular feel for your massage.

Amplitude is a big deal. This is how deeply the end of the gun goes into your muscle and is measured in millimeters. Most guns are between 10 to 16 millimeters, though some models don’t tell you what their amplitude is. More depth here doesn’t necessarily mean a better massage, just a deeper one. Athletes or people really wanting to dig into knots in their muscles may appreciate a massage with a 16-millimeter amplitude, but the average user may want something closer to 10 because there is less risk of injuring themselves.

Noise. How noisy is okay for you? Do you want to watch television while using your massage gun? Do you plan on using this with someone else you may need to talk to? Because seriously, some of these massage guns are too loud for that. Some massage guns may tell you an expected decibel level. You want something below 60 decibels if you want a quieter tool. Some machines may not tell you their dB levels. A “brushless motor” is a technology you can look for in quieter options.

How heavy of a massage gun should I look for? Keep in mind that a heavier massage gun will have more power and be a great option for athletes. However, if you’re a smaller person, they’re hard to hold with one hand. They’re also harder to hold up for long periods of time and to curve around to your own back when they’re getting that heavy. You’ll want to consider your own needs in this area before choosing the right massage gun for your needs.

The Top 5 Massage Guns Under 250 Dollars

There are five options on this list, and all of them are great options for different people. Consider your needs carefully and then choose the one that’s best for you.

1.Legiral Le3 Massage Gun

This massage gun is really meant for athletes or people who need a deep tissue massage.

If you’re getting a massage gun to go deep on your thigh muscles, then the Legiral Le3 massage gun is a solid choice for your needs.

If your muscles are sore after a day at the office, this likely isn’t your massage gun. A day at the office means you probably need a good massage in your neck and shoulder areas. And while this massage has seriously adjustable settings, which is one of its biggest appeals, it is designed to be a deep tissue massage gun for athletes who need a big push. That means you could even knock your vertebrae out of alignment if you used this on your neck with the wrong amount of pressure at the wrong angle, and it would be easy to do. So keep this warning firmly in mind!

Now, if you want a deep tissue massage, this is a very satisfying massage gun! Massage guns have an amplitude of ten to 16 millimeters, and this one does the full 16. There are many different settings.

One of the downsides of this one is that many people have found that after some hard use, something starts to rattle inside, as if it has slipped loose. If this happens, contact their customer service right away and get it fixed before the issue becomes worse. Fortunately, people have reported quality customer service with this company.

The massage gun is fairly quiet at 35db, sometimes going up to 55db.

Pros of the Legiral Le3 Massage Gun:

  • Deep tissue
  • Amplitude of 16 mm
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Good customer service
  • Fairly quiet at 35 db
  • Comes with six different massage heads
  • Has a carrying case

Cons of the Legiral Le3 Massage Gun:

  • May be too powerful for your neck or other sensitive areas

You can find the Legiral Le3 on the seller’s website right here.

2.The Handheld TimTam

This is another massage gun under 250 dollars that’s really powerful. In fact, this one is more so than the Legirl Le3, so it’s truly meant for athletes and those who otherwise need a deep tissue massage. Keep that in mind as you’re considering this one. If you don’t have a lot of experience with self-massage tools, you may need to get some help learning how to safely apply pressure with the handheld TimTam. It is that powerful.

And that’s exactly why people choose this model.

Now, there is a big downside to the power behind this one, and that is the noise. For a more expensive massage gun this powerful, they may have added more features to quiet it down. At this price range with this much power, it is a noisy beast. You will not be able to watch television while using this massage gun. You will have a difficult time talking while using it as well, so if you want to use this with a partner, you’ll have a hard time telling them what adjustments to make.

Overall, you’re looking at a powerful gun with good battery life, a carrying case, and a solid build.

Pros of the Handheld TimTam:

  • Extremely powerful
  • Has a carrying case
  • Great for athletes

Cons of the Handheld TimTam:

  • Too loud to talk or watch TV
  • May be too powerful for the average user

You can find the Handheld TimTam on Amazon here.

3.VYBE Pro Massage Gun

This is still a deep tissue muscle massager. Athletes and professionals still love this one. It’s used by chiropractors and personal trainers. However, it is a great deal gentler than the two options listed above, so this model is acceptable for more people.

While the Legiral has an amplitude of 16 millimeters, this massage gun is at 12 millimeters. This references how deep the gun is pushing into your muscles. While a four-millimeter difference doesn’t sound like much, it means a lot to your muscles.

This gun is versatile. It comes with nine different speed settings, different massage heads, and has a powerful battery life. It comes with a travel case and weighs less than three pounds, so it’s nice and portable.

On the downsides, it’s not a super sturdy model, so you do want to keep it in the case when you’re moving around with it so you don’t damage the massage gun.

Also, while the different massage heads are particularly useful with the VYBE Pro, they can be difficult to switch. Some people have found that putting a drop of engine oil around the area has greatly helped with this. Now, you can avoid this and simply keep forcing the heads into place, but then they have a tendency to break down over time, so getting a little engine oil on there seems like a necessary compromise for this massage gun under 250 dollars.

Fortunately, this powerful massage gun is also much quieter than other models, which is a big plus here.

Note that this company has other models, for example, the Premium. The Premium is only 10 millimeters, making it a touch gentler. However, it’s not on this list of best massage guns under 250 because it has a history of poor battery life and being much louder than this model. It’s just not as great. So, while the Pro is excellent, the Premium isn’t on this list for a reason.

Pros of the VYBE Pro:

  • 12 mm amplitude
  • 9 adjustable speeds
  • 8 attachment heads
  • Great battery life
  • Quiet
  • Carrying case

Cons of the VYBE Pro:

  • Switching out the heads can be difficult
  • Not as sturdy as some models

You can find the VYBE Pro on Amazon right here.

4. Hypervolt GO Portable Massage Gun

Are you looking for a super lightweight and easy-to-hold massage gun? Do you have a difficult time holding up a larger massage gun? Do you need something built for small hands so it’s easy for you to use? Then this is the model for you.

The Hypervolt GO is only one and a half pounds. That’s the lightest massage gun on this list. For a massage gun under 250 dollars, it’s difficult to find one that is light that isn’t also flimsy and not powerful, but this massage gun still does a good job doing a deep tissue massage.

At the same time, the massage is not as deep as the first two models on this list, which is better for the average user (though less desirable for some athletes who need to get in very deep).

Now, there are some downsides to this one, and they’re actually a little surprising. It’s strange for example that this model doesn’t have a carrying case. It’s lightweight and built to be portable. You want to put this in a case if you’re bringing it with you anywhere or even storing it really because you don’t want your massage gun to get damaged. For some reason, this model doesn’t come with a case, even though most of the options on this list have one. So, you’ll want to think about that, and possibly get a carrying case you trust to keep your investment safe.

Also, the Hypervolt GO only comes with two attachment heads. If attachment heads are important to you, this may not be the best option.

The lack of accessories on this one is an unexpected trade-off, but you’re still getting a powerful massage fun that’s light and easy to use. This massage gun is easy to reach back and use on your back, by yourself. That’s not easy to do with a lot of the heavier models, particularly for smaller people. So, this option definitely fills a spot in the market for many users.

Pros of the Hypervolt GO:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold, especially if you have small hands
  • Quiet
  • Portable
  • Good battery life

Cons of the Hypervolt GO:

  • No carrying case
  • Only two attachment heads

You can find the Hypervolt GO on Amazon right here.

5. The VYBE Percussion

Up above, you’ll see the VYBE Pro on this list. In that recommendation, I also make clear that the VYBE Premium is not recommended.

However, the VYBE Percussion is a more powerful massage gun under 250 dollars. If you like the looks of the first two options on this list, as powerful guns more intended for deep tissue massage, you may wish to also check out the VYBE Percussion massage gun.

It’s at a low price point, has a flashy blue color, and really gets the job done. Note that this massage gun is actually so loud that they mention it first thing in the product description, so you’re definitely going to need to expect noise that will be too loud to do things like watch television during usage. However, this gun is super inexpensive and powerful, if that’s what you’re looking for.

You can find the VYBE Percussion Massage Gun on Amazon right here.

Choosing The Right Massage Gun Under 250 Dollars

Hopefully, the descriptions on these massage guns will make this decision easier for you. It’s largely about knowing yourself and your needs. Do you need something more lightweight or more heavy-duty and powerful? How important is the sound level to you?

As with any budget purchasing decision, it’s about balancing out what is just a nice feature with what is most important for your needs.

If a major part of your vision when you considered buying a massage gun was using this tool while you watch television, or while talking to a partner, when you’re going to need a quieter gun. That will be an important part of this decision for you.

If the major vision here was breaking down deep knots, you’re going to want a more powerful gun, and other considerations may fall by the wayside.

Know your needs and choose the best massage gun for you that gets you what you most want in the end.

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