Small Place, Huge Comfort – Top 5 Massage Chairs for Small Spaces

Picture of a woman sitting on a massage chair in a small room

What is the best massage chair for small space living? If you’ve done any online searches, you may start to feel like there just isn’t an option.

Fortunately, the best compact massage chair option for you is out there. No matter how small of a space you have, there are choices. Some of these choices are space-saver chairs in bigger models with a lot of features, that take up smaller footprints than others in their class. Some of these choices are truly small and look more like other pieces of home furniture. Somewhere among these options and feature lists, is the best meeting of worlds for your home and massage needs.

Considerations When Choosing the Best Compact Massage Chair

Everyone means something different when they’re looking for the best massage chair for a small space.

For one thing, a “small” space to one person can be a large space to another. Living conditions very.

For another thing, when looking for the best option for your needs, we’re balancing out both the space you have to work with and your massage needs. Some people need a heated system. Some people need a recliner. Some people need leg and arm massagers.

This list of massage chairs for small spaces covers different compromises. We’re looking at the options with the most features for the size of the footprint. So we’re looking at the smallest chair of great quality that also has a leg massager, and then we’re looking at a smaller chair that doesn’t. This way, you’ll gain some insight on what different size footprints (and budgets) can get you so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

The Top 5 Best Compact Massage Chairs

If you already have a top idea of your needs, you may wish to write them down now. Then, you can scan these options and their dimensions and pro and con lists. This way, you can narrow down your favorite choice sooner.

If you don’t yet know what your living space and massage needs are, read this list more thoroughly on your first time through. You’ll get a better idea of what your realistic options are for space-saving massage chairs with great features. By the end of it, you may want to get to work making a list on what stood out for you. Is a foot massager important? A neck massager? Am I taller or shorter person in need of a chair built for my size? Do I want heat features? What are my aesthetic needs? How much space do I have for actually placing the chair in my home? Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll have a better idea of your next move.

Let’s get into the massage chairs.

1. The Full-Body Kahuna Recliner

Dimensions: 69 x 39 x 26 inches

This is a recliner with a full body massage, so it has features for your arms, legs, and feet as well as your back. While it reclines, it doesn’t go too far back, and is designed in a way that it can be placed closer to a wall than similar chairs in this style.

Meanwhile, this massage chair is still very sturdy. You’ll likely want to pay for the white glove delivery service on this one, as the chair is over 200 pounds. Fortunately, most reviewers have said that their delivery service was great and their customer service has been held to a high standard.

That sturdiness has resulted in a chair with a reputation for lasting. The chair has an L-track, various modes, and stretching features to offer a full-body experience.

Pros of the Kahuna Recliner Massage Chair:

  • Can be placed near a wall
  • Good customer service
  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The airbags give a tight compression on the arms

Cons of the Kahuna Recliner Massage Chair:

  • The body scan feature isn’t always accurate
  • The foot roller doesn’t get the whole foot

You can find the full-body Kahuna on Amazon right here.

2. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

Dimensions: 44 x 28 x 40 inches

This is a massage chair with a slightly sleeker look than the Kahuna that takes up less space as well. This one has a leg massager, but not the arms or feet. It does have a head massager, however, it’s important to note that shorter people have a hard time taking advantage of that in this chair. The head massager doesn’t really work well for you if you’re under 5’5”.

The WholeBody is most beloved by those who want a deep tissue massage. If you want a chair that’s really going to get into your muscles, this chair does the job. It also has a heat feature and does massage the legs well, even if there is no foot feature. The chair comes fully assembled and is easy to maneuver into your space on your own.

While it still looks like a massage chair, it doesn’t look as much like a massage chair as heavier models. It blends more with your other furniture than many of your other options with these many features. The aesthetic can be more important for many people looking for the best massage chair for a small space.

Pros of the Human Touch WholeBody Massage Chair:

  • The chair comes assembled, so you can install it yourself
  • It does a great deep tissue massage
  • It has a heat feature
  • It massages the legs well

Cons of the Human Touch WholeBody Massage Chair:

  • It does not massage the feet
  • In the lower lumbar region of this chair, the material tends to crack after about a year
  • If you did want to pay for the white glove service, this company has notoriously poor customer service
  • Not great for shorter people

You can find the Human Touch 7.1 on Amazon right here.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Human Touch brand and their massage chair models, check out my article here.

3. Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair With Zero Gravity

Dimensions: 33 x 55 x 49 inches

This chair definitely looks like a massage chair. It looks a little like something out of science fiction since it’s shaped a bit like a giant black egg. The chair reclines, but it doesn’t recline too far, so it’s a space saver for a chair of this type with this many features.

This one gets a deep massage, has a great foot massager, heat features, and will stretch you out. It’s durable and sturdy and weighs in at 200 pounds. It has a remote control. It comes in four colors. In a small space, it is going to feel a bit large, but again, with this many features, it’s small for what it can do.

Many of the best compact massage chair options don’t have foot massagers, but with a little more space there’s this option, which has been known to do a great foot massage. Fortunately, the company is also known for quality customer service.

Pros of the Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

  • This chair is sturdy and durable
  • The company is known for great customer service
  • The chair has a great and deep lumbar massage
  • The foot massager extends well for tall people
  • The foot massager does a great job getting in deep on the whole foot

Cons of the Ideal Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

  • The neck massage feature is not ideal for people under 5’5″
  • The arm massager is uncomfortable for some people

You can find the Ideal Massage Chair on Amazon right here.

4. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

Dimensions: 48 x 28 x 47 inches

This SL track massage chair has six rollers that move from the neck to the lower back. This is another of the larger full featured chairs with a smaller footprint for what you’re getting. The chair is heavy and durable. The foot massager is one of the most beloved features on this one with a great leg extender. The chair is really made for the taller person. Fortunately, while this chair is large and has many features, it’s actually known to have an easy assembly that many people have handled on their own.

The chair isn’t the easiest one to program. Each time you sit in the chair, you’ll have to find your program again on your own. Also, the body scanner can have mixed results. This is especially true for the smaller person. The neck and shoulder massager is the part that most shorter people have had trouble with. You have to make sure to lean more into the chair with your shoulders in order to have the body scanner really find your neck, which can be a hassle.

Pros of the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair:

  • This is a heavy and durable chair
  • It has a great foot massager
  • The leg extension feature is solid
  • This is a great chair for taller people
  • Easy assembly

Cons of the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair:

  • Mixed results with getting the body scanner to notice the shoulder and neck area
  • It’s not easy to program

You can find the Kahuna Superior on Amazon right here.

5. The Nouhaus Massage Chair With Ottoman

Dimensions: 18.5 x 19.2 x 16 inches

A floor space of 26.5 x 39.5 inches

Do you need the best massage chair for a small space that also doesn’t look like a massage chair? A compact massage chair that’s truly tiny with a small footprint in your space? This may be your very best option, particularly when it comes to style vs space vs features.

Fortunately, the chair is also easy to put together on your own.

This chair still has airbags for massaging your hips and glutes. If you don’t enjoy that feature, it’s one you can turn on or off, so it’s entirely optional. The chair has a heat massage feature. It still does a full body massage, from your butt all the way up to your head.

This chair is intended for smaller spaces, but also for smaller people. If you’re tall, this isn’t the chair for you.

The chair does a deep massage and is particularly focused on the hips, glutes, and your lower back.

Pros of the Nouhaus With Ottoman Massage Chair:

  • It doesn’t look like a massage chair
  • It’s small
  • Deep massage
  • Air bags for the hip and glutes
  • Heat features
  • Easy to put together

Cons of the Nouhaus With Ottoman Massage Chair:

  • This chair doesn’t recline
  • It doesn’t have foot, arm, or leg massage features
  • It’s not great for taller people

You can find the Nouhaus With Ottoman on Amazon right here.

BONUS: The Massage Chair Pad

Okay. What if none of the above options work for you? What if you just have a very, very small living space? Don’t you worry. While it may not be practical for you to get a full feature massage chair if it doesn’t fit in your living space, you can still find something to give yourself a little treatment.

This where a massage chair pad can come in. This is truly an alternative. It’s not going to be as good as the options above, but it’s something that will offer you a little relief, a little self-care time, and still fit into your space. If the best massage chair for your small space needs to fit into a chair you already own, so be it.

And really, this massage chair pad offers more features than you might expect.

It has small massage nodes to try and knead the back. The massagers do roll and go up to your neck and shoulders. There is a height adjustment to give you some range. It also has a heat feature.

For a truly small space, with as many features as you can get, this massage chair is a solid choice.

You can find the Snailax Shiatsu Massage Pad on Amazon right here.

Where Should I Put My Massage Chair?

Most commonly, people put their massage chair in the living room.

At first, some people are torn on this decision. Most massage chairs don’t look quite like your other living room furniture. And while we’re looking at the best compact massage chair options, they are still bulky compared to other massage chairs.

Meanwhile, the living room makes sense because it’s a place where you likely hang out at a time when you’d want to sit in your massage chair and turn it on. This is commonly where people do things like watch television. Having your massage chair there makes sense.

Picture of Human Touch WholeVody 7.1 Massage Chair

There are other spaces you can keep your massage chair though. It may make sense to keep it in your guest room, bedroom, or office.

While a massage chair is a great comfort, it’s best to only actually turn it on for about twenty minutes a day. And for the most part, people don’t sit in the massage chair except when they’re getting their massage.

There is a concern that if you keep your massage chair in a room that isn’t the living room, you won’t use it.

Is there a way that it makes sense to put your massage chair in your bedroom, guest room, office, or other space? If you do, what will you do while you use your massage chair to make the most of that time? Watch television, talk on the phone, or listen to a podcast?

Make sure you have a real plan for how to use the chair and when you’ll use it if you’re placing it in a room you don’t use as often.

What If I Don’t Like How Massage Chairs Look?

If the appearance of the chair bothers you at first, you may find that you adapt to it after a couple of weeks. This is in part because you’ll be so grateful for what the chair is doing for your body and so happy about how the massage chair has become a part of your life, that you eventually look at the appearance of it more fondly. If that isn’t the case after a few weeks, you may want to see if you can rearrange the furniture in the room differently, place a blanket over the chair, or move it to another room if it bothers you.

The Best Massage Chair for Small Space Living

As you can see, everyone’s needs are different. The needs for your back health, the type of massage features you need, your aesthetic preferences, and the amount of space you can really give up in your living space for a massage chair.

Is having a massage chair worth it for a small living space? Absolutely. If you’re going to use your massage chair, you’ll find that giving up the space is definitely worth it. This is because people who use their massage chairs tend to use them daily. When you use something that regularly, giving up some living space for them becomes something you’re grateful for having done.