Top 5 Massage Guns Under $100

Woman using massage gun

Massage is one the best ways you can use to relax your tight muscles, no matter if you just have a sore back or you are an athlete recovering after a marathon. Massage guns are an interesting option to help your muscles relax, but the price can really be an issue. However, you can achieve great results without having to spend a fortune.

Top 5 Massage Guns Undes $100

These are our picks for the top 5 best massage guns under $100:

RENPHO Massage Gun

The RENPHO message gun falls under $100 best guns because it comes with four detachable massage heads that are suitable for various kinds of pain and body areas. The ball head of this gun is suitable for soothing muscle joints and groups. In this case, the bullet head targets smaller areas, the U-shaped head fits the shoulder, spine, and neck regions while the hammerhead is used for full-body stimulation.

The massage gun has 20-speed settings that cater to several functions including deep massage, breaking down lactic acid, relaxation, and muscle stimulation. The device has a maximum force of 3200rpm.

The device has a 2500mAh battery with a lifespan of 8 hours when fully charged.

There is also a touch-activated panel that reveals the speed level adjustments, current frequency, and battery life.

You can use this massage gun in the gym, at your home, or workplace because it has a decent noise level of 63.5dB.

The model can be best used by several kinds of people especially fitness enthusiasts.

-It has a multi-ventilation system to prevent overheating

-It has an automatic-off feature to converse power

-It uses a USB cable for charging making it easier for you to charge it

-The heads of the massage gun are easier to change and attach

-It has a long battery life of more than six hours

-It is lightweight making it easier to carry
-It takes a long time to charge fully

-There are quieter models in the list

You can check the exact price on Amazon here.

Darkiron Massage Gun

The Darkiron massage gun is also another best device under $100 that you can buy because it provides several benefits, including quick pain relief and improving blood circulation.

The message gun has six uniquely-shaped massage heads that you can use for body relaxation and deep tissue massage. In particular, the U-shaped head is curved in nature to wrap the shoulders and spine, the round head can be used for large muscles, the flathead can be used at any part of the body for muscle relaxation and the cylinder head is helpful at the tight crevices of the body. The message gun has additional heads to assist you in conducting soft tissue massage.

Moreover, the device has 30 modifiable speed settings to fit your wants and needs. The lowest force is 400 ppm and the highest 3300 ppm.

Fortunately, even at the highest speed setting, it does not generate a lot of sounds because it has a noise level of 50dB.

Further, the device has a touchscreen panel where you can customize the speed.

The device gun has a battery life of 6 hours.

Arguably, the message gun is suitable for use by all kinds of people before warm-ups or in enhancing recovery after a workout.

-It operates quietly

-You can easily adjust the massage intensity

-It has the best massage heads
-Some people find it has a poor grip design

-You may find that the design is not very appealing

Check availability on Amazon here.

Jollyfit Massage Gun

The Jollyfit massage gun is one of the best guns because it is suitable for several kinds of lifestyles from active to sedentary. It comes with six massage heads to fit every part of your body.

The message gun has 30 adjustable speed settings through a quiet glide technology and a brushless high-torque motor to meet your muscle relaxation needs.

It has a rather low noise level between 60 to 70dB and you can access the speed level and other controls through a touchscreen panel.

The gun has a great heat dissipation function that protects it from damage.

The cordless massage gun is equipped with a 2500mAh battery which can last up to 7 hours per single charge.

Not only that, the handle of the product is wrapped using a silicon rubber material that enables comfortable gripping.

-The inclusion of six massage heads increases a variety of massage sessions for your entire body

-The touchscreen panels make it easier to operate this product.
-Although it is lightweight at 3.75 lb, it is heavier than other kinds of massage guns

-If you have small hands, you might find it challenging to gripping it

-Some people find it noisy at times

This device is available on Amazon here.

MWave Massage Gun

Most of the guns in the market produce a lot of noise but this kind of massage gun is the quietest you’ll probably get. In particular, the massage gun has a noise level of 45dB because it uses brushless motor technology.

The MWave can perfectly fit your hand and it weighs about 2lbs. The device has a non-slip material implying can you can use it even after engaging in intense workouts.

The massage gun does not only have a sleek and ergonomic design but also a heavy-duty construction. Its build makes it the best for use in the long-term.

The MWave massage gun has a long battery that lasts more than four hours.

The device assists to aid myofascial release by helping release lactic acid, penetrating deep into the core of muscles, boosting energy levels, and managing stress.

The MWave message is one of the devices which best for use for athletes or anyone who is looking to get advantages of receiving a full body massage.

-Very quiet

-Heavy-duty build


-Portable and compact design
-Other massage guns in this list have better battery life

You can get the MWave Massage Gun on Amazon here.

Healsage Mini Massage Gun

The Healsage mini-massage gun can be one of the smallest devices that you can use.

The massage gun has four-speed levels with the highest being 3200 RPMs. Therefore, you can choose the level which you think your message needs to alleviate muscle pain and assist to have the best experience when exercising.

The device has a powerful brushless motor and adopts a gliding technique so that you do not disturb other people. Its noise level is pretty good and ranges between 30 to 50 dB.

In spite of its size, the battey life is quite good (4 hous of continuos work, 10 hours in stand-by mode)

It only has three-speed levels, but its four attachment heads compensate for the lack of speed settings.

The hardened aluminum alloy case makes the massage gun harder and lighter.

The massage gun best suits athletes even if they are riding bicycles, climbing the mountains, weightlifting, swimming, jogging, and bodybuilding.

-It has a one-year warranty

-Its battery lasts up to 10 hours

-It comes with four attachment heads

-It is compact and small
-It only has three speed levels

Check the current price on the seller’s website here.

How to Choose the Right Massage Gun

Here are some of the specs you should consider when choosing a massage gun.

Noise level

It is a fact that no person would like to have to stand a loud noise while attempting to relax body muscles after a workout. Therefore, when buying a massage gun quiet functionality is one of the features that can you can consider. Apart from providing a relaxing massage, a quiet massage gun makes you use it any place of your choice. Some brands list the sound level of their products in decibels while others indicate the technology used such as a brushless motor. The quietest massage guns are in the range of 30 to 50 dB.

Massage speed

You need to consider the speed of the massage gun. In this case, the speed is measured in percussions per minute. The majority of the massage guns have a speed of between 2000 to 3000 ppm. Getting a faster massage gun can be helpful and those offering 2500 ppm and above are good to go. However, it’s not all about power, but getting the intensity you need for each specific application. Most of the speeds have more than three-modes with only a few having a single mode.


One of the reasons why massage guns have gained popularity is due to their portability. If you will be carrying your massage gun around, look for a smaller and lighter one that you can use especially.

Battery life

Battery life also matters when it comes to massage guns since they are cordless. You should get an effective massage gun that has a long-lasting and battery that can cater to your massage needs. The last thing you want is to fully charge your device only for the battery to deplete within 20 minutes after waiting for a long period to charge. Therefore, you should get a massage gun that can deliver long sessions without requiring a recharge.


If you apply a lot of force, your massage gun can stall. However, some massage guns can take more force than others. Arguably, the best massage guns manage to handle between 30 to 40 pounds of force before stalling. Therefore, if you want to have an intense massage, you can buy a model with high stall force.

Head Adjustability

Most of the massage guns manage to rotate at 90 degrees or more. If you get a massager that does not provide such kind of flexibility it may lack versatility. The varying angles will allow you to target various parts of your body using the right amount of pressure. In particular, a flexible device will assist you to reach your back.

Why Getting a Massage Gun

You should choose a massage gun because it is designed to assist in improving blood flow and relaxing muscle tightness. Fortunately, massage guns have been proven to be one of the most effective massage devices for enhancing and restoring muscular functionality. Moreover, a massage gun is easy to use by all people who wish to alleviate pain especially muscle pain.

A massage gun could even replace regular deep-tissue massage. You can use the device in-between massage sessions to prolong the merits of a professional session. Of course, this is only the case if you do not have injuries or special needs that need professional care.

A massage gun is also a good addition to your routine because it targets a precise area at a time. This makes it the best tool for treating tight knotted parts of the body such as hips, glutes, pecs, and traps which can be more difficult to target if you were, for example, to use a foam roller.

If you perform a lot of manual labor, suffer from injury, or experience chronic pain, then a massage gun can be a critical tool that you should buy for pain management. In other words, the device can assist to alleviate knots, tensions, general pains, and aches within a short period.


Massage guns can provide you with numerous health benefits, including speeding up soreness recovery, relaxing tired muscles, and improving blood circulation.

You can also achieve instant relaxation from your home making you save time and money.

When choosing the best massage gun you should consider the noise level, ease of use, battery life, portability, and massage speed.

While a massage gun is essentially a professional device, it is not a must for you to have a huge budget to spend on a high-end massage tool. In this article we’ve shown there are perfectly viable options for less that $100. However, if your budget can stretch a little bit, make sure to check out our article on best massage guns under $250.