Are Human Touch Massage Chairs Worth the Money?

Picture of Human Touch WholeVody 7.1 Massage Chair

Deciding to invest in a high-quality massage chair is an exciting decision. Deciding which model to order can be an overwhelming prospect. Fortunately, there are shoppers who have come before you to help you sort this out.

So, are Human Touch massage chairs good?

Human Touch massage chairs are definitely worth the money. The Human Touch brand is known for creating products that do a great job with deep tissue massages while also offering features that work on a lighter touch. The massage functions in their chairs are durable, easy to understand and do a great job releasing muscle tension.

These aren’t the only factors that define a brand as good or bad. They aren’t the only things you need to know before investing your money and time in a product, either. So let’s learn more before you make your decision.

Are Human Touch Massage Chairs Good?

We will do a deep dive on a couple of the top products from Human Touch down below, but first, we’re going to take a look at the trustworthiness of the brand.

Do We Trust Human Touch Customer Support?

Unfortunately, not so much, which is a big issue. You can lower your risk of having to deal with their customer support team by purchasing your Human Touch massage chair through a trusted brand like Amazon or Costco. Then, if you have a problem, the company is subject to the terms and conditions of Amazon, and you can talk to Amazon’s customer support to get help. As for Human Touch customer support, they have a terrible reputation. I don’t say that lightly.

While there aren’t a lot of reviews with the Better Business Bureau on Human Touch, the ones that are there all complain of shipping problems and customer support that doesn’t solve their problems when their chairs arrive broken.

Many people have complained of their chairs having to be reshipped to them more than once, which sounds like a shipper problem, not Human Touch, but it’s odd that it happens so often.

Massage chairs have a lot of parts. Therefore, it isn’t too surprising to imagine that some will arrive broken. When people contact Human Touch support, they are offered the chance to purchase replacement parts, or they have to argue for long periods of time to get a replacement chair. When you make an investment in a massage chair, you expect that if it arrives broken, your issue will be resolved within weeks. Most people report that it takes months with Human Touch.

Do the Products Last?

The massage functions on these chairs have proven to be durable in their older models. They often last five to ten years, which is expected with this kind of chair. Some people report fifteen-year-old chairs that still work.

The material covering these chairs tends to show wear and tear after only one to three years, which is disappointing.

Comparing Human Touch Massage Chair Models

On the older end of the price range is the WholeBody 7.1. We will take a closer look at this below. It is by far their most popular model.

On the higher end of the scale are their Novo XT2 and Super Novo.

Being less expensive, Human Touch sells a lot more of their WholeBody 7.1. Because they have so many more customers, it seems like they may have put more thought into their less expensive model. This chair has a lot of great features, a clean look, and a lot of happy customers.

Photo of Novo XT2 Massage Chair gray model

Their Novo models are a great deal more expensive, which should mean higher quality. It is fair to note that when we see something that’s a lot more expensive, we expect more value. Our expectations have been raised. And if those expectations aren’t met, we’re less happy with the product.

A lot of features you might expect from a more expensive model are lacking in the Novos. For example, while the Super Novo boasts 38 different programs, it doesn’t offer manual control (neither does the Novo XT2), meaning you can’t select which parts of your body you want massaged. You can do this with the WholeBody 7.1, which seems like an oversight. Also, chairs in this price range typically allow you to do things like save your settings. With 38 different options, there are a lot of buttons to press to get things set the way you like them. You need to do that every time you sit in one of the Novo models, which again feels like an oversight.

The Human Touch models vary quite a lot from chair to chair with features and style, so be sure to review each carefully to know what you’re purchasing.

The Top Human Touch Massage Chair Models

Are Human Touch Massage Chairs good? Let’s take a look at the two most popular models for this brand.

The Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Photo of WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair model

If you’re going to invest in a Human Touch massage chair, this is by far their most popular and well-tested option. The other Human Touch chairs, even the much more expensive models, are often compared to this top seller.

This model comes in three colors: black, espresso, and “bone” (which is white). Note that the white model gets dirty easily and has been difficult for people to keep clean, especially those with children who love massage chairs.

This model has the “Bodymap Pro Feature”. When looking at Human Touch chairs, watch for this feature. It allows you to target the areas of your body for massage and change the intensity levels. The leg rest has cushions for your legs to massage them, or you can flip that around to rest your legs on a standard leg rest. The calf massager works in a figure 8 pattern that’s particularly nice for improving circulation in your legs.

This model doesn’t require any real setup. If you are able to lift, and you have one other person to help you, getting this into your home on your own may not be a problem.

Because of its rather compact build and the way in blends in with your other furniture, the WholeBody 7.1 also made it to our Top 5 Best Compact Massage Chairs list. If you are interested, check out the whole article here!

The swivel base moves the chair up to 55 degrees in either direction.

Pros of the WholeBody 7.1

  • It’s well-reviewed.
  • The chair looks like a normal piece of furniture, so it blends well in a lot of rooms.
  • There are a lot of great massage features, including the BodyMap Pro to target specific areas.
  • You can change the intensity levels to your personal preferences.
  • If you want a deep tissue massage, this chair does it.
  • The neck and shoulder areas are targeted better than you might expect. 

Cons of the WholeBody 7.1

  • The material the chair is made of is not the best. The white gets dirty easily and the material (particularly in the lower back) shows wear and tear within one to three years.
  • Shipping often takes a long time.
  • When you’re not wanting to be massaged, it’s not the most comfortable chair to sit in. It’s never fully upright and the materials are hard, so you’ll only want to sit in this when you’re using it as a massage chair (even though it looks like normal furniture).

Find the WholeBody 7.1 on Amazon here.

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

Photo of Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 model

This chair offers a lot of the same features as the WholeBody 7.1, but here are two key differences.

One is that it looks very different. This chair is bulkier. While the WholeBody 7.1 looks like a zero gravity chair, this is a recliner. It is heavier and takes up more space.

The second key difference is the foot massager. People who choose this chair over the WholeBody 7.1 do so because this chair offers a calf massager similar to the WholeBody 7.1, but with the addition of a foot massager.

Now, this also offers the downside that some taller people have been a lot more uncomfortable in this chair, so be aware of that.

Like the WholeBody 7.1, the ZeroG 5.0 has the BodyMap Pro function, which allows you to target muscle groups and change intensity levels. This chair has four intensity levels. You can also purchase additional cushions as add-ons for the chair to make the massage lighter if you are someone who doesn’t like the massage to be too intense.

This chair looks like it should be comfortable to sit in while it’s turned off, but it’s not. The massage functions stick out too far so when it’s not running this isn’t comfortable to sit in.

Pros of the WholeBody 7.1

  • Has a foot massager in addition to the calf massage feature.
  • Has the BodyMap Pro function so you can target areas.
  • Has four intensity level settings.

Cons of the WholeBody 7.1

  • The material for the chair shows wear and tear after a short period of time.
  • It’s not comfortable to sit in when it’s not being used as a massage chair.
  • It may not be great for taller people.

Find the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 on Amazon here.

Are Human Touch Massage Chairs Worth the Investment?

When you invest in a great massage chair, you’re investing in self-care, relaxation, and quality time for taking care of yourself. That’s a great thing.

The struggle with this particular brand of massage chair is that when it works, Human Touch massage chairs are great. Their customer support is well-known for being terrible. You can help mitigate that risk by purchasing their product from a brand like Amazon or Costco, which have better customer support policies that the Human Touch brand will have to adhere to.

The chairs themselves do a great job at deep tissue massages, with additional features for people who want a lighter touch. With ten to twenty minutes a day, you can target key areas and work to deeply relax your body, which is always worth investing in.

If you are considering models from other brands, make sure to check out our articles on the Osaki and Infinity brands.

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