Are Infinity Massage Chairs Any Good?

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If you’re going to invest in a high-quality massage chair, you’re going to be faced with many brand names. One of the top names you’ll see is Infinity. The company makes many massage products, including a limited line of chairs.

But are Infinity massage chairs good?

Infinity Massage Chairs have a solid reputation. Their massage chairs are sturdy and long-lasting and do a great job with deep massages. These chairs are known for being on the cutting edge of massage technology, and the few unhappy customers tend to be people who weren’t fully aware of the features on each model, so they didn’t get the chair they wanted. The one thing that might not be up to expectations is their white glove delivery service.

Overall, Infinity is a brand of massage chairs you’ll want to look at more closely when deciding to invest in your next high-quality massage chair for relaxation and muscle tension.

Are Infinity Massage Chairs Good?

The chairs are heavy and solid, they have a lot of neat technology, and the feature lists are long and interesting. Their white glove delivery service, in contrast, is often lacking. Let’s take a look at what you need to know in more detail.

Should I Hire Infinity’s White Glove Delivery Service?

We have to start here because it affects other questions about Infinity massage chairs.

Infinity massage chairs are heavy. They have a few lighter models, but by and far, these are solid pieces of furniture. Many customers buying massage chairs have injuries or other problems that make heavy lifting ill-advised, so the white glove service, which includes delivery and set-up, is a popular addition to any massage chair purchase.

However, there have been bad customer experiences with Infinity’s white glove delivery. One scenario has happened to many customers: the delivery people drop off the chair, claim they’ll return to set it up, and then never come back. They also sometimes fail to install and set up the chair correctly, so then you have to call customer support and try for help.

As I mentioned, these chairs are heavy, so if you’re going to forego the white glove delivery service, it may leave you unsure of what to do.

If you decide to order an Infinity massage chair and set it up yourself, there are some things you can do to make this easier on yourself.

Make sure you have a furniture dolly to move the chair itself from where the delivery driver leaves it.

Place the chair where you want it to be before you put the chair together. If your chair has a footrest, this is one of the heaviest parts. Make sure to install this only when your chair is in its final position.

If you are okay with your chair moving fairly easily when pushed around, consider putting furniture moving sliders underneath the bottoms of the chair. This will make it easy to move any time you need to move it now or in the future.

Do We Trust Infinity Customer Support?

While they haven’t been the most helpful in cases where white glove delivery service has been an issue, they have otherwise been great. They are known for sending out parts quickly and dealing with repair issues.

Trust Pilot has a lot of reviews of customer experiences for Infinity massage chairs.

Are the Massage Chairs Good Quality?

Overall, customers are happy about the quality of these massage chairs. They are sturdy, do a great job at massage, and typically last for a good, long time. These chairs typically come with a three-year warranty, with two additional years for parts.

They have a lot of neat features, like decompression stretch technology, 3D/4D massages, and inversion therapy. They also have S-track and L-track models.

Comparing Infinity Massage Chair Models

When you look at each model of the Infinity massage chairs to decide if they’re good for your needs, you’ll want to take into consideration whether you’re looking at an L-track massage chair or S-track massage chair.

S-shaped massage chairs are the more traditional massage chair models. The rollers in the back of the chair stop at the lumbar region. These chairs conform to the spine.

An L-shaped massage chair still conforms to the spine, but the rollers continue down for a glute massage. If this is important to you, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking at an L-track massage chair model.

You’ll also want to look at features like the extend program or any chairs with heaters if these types of features are important to you.

Both the L-track and S-track massage chairs have a number of models. In terms of the price, the Imperial 3D/4D is the most expensive L-track massage chair in their current line with the Riage CS at the lower end. For the S-track, the IT-8500 X3 3D/4D is their most expensive model (and one of their most popular massage chairs) while the Share Chair is their least expensive in that range.

The Top Infinity Massage Chair Models

Let’s take a look at our top picks for both the S-track an L-track Infinity massage chairs.

The Infinity IT-8500 X3

No matter where you look or who you talk to, the Infinity IT-8500 X3 will come up in a conversation about whether infinity massage chairs are good.

Previously, they had the Infinity IT-8500. The biggest difference between this model and the new X3 is that the X3 has 3D/4D massage technology. At its most basic, what the 3D technology means is that the massage rollers’ depth, width, and height can all be adjusted. This offers a more personalized massage experience and is a high-end feature a lot of people look for.

The Infinity IT-8500 X3 is an S-track chair. This means it massages from the neck down to the lumbar region. It has speakers with Bluetooth connections, which is pretty fun. It is in the middle of Infinity’s massage chair line in terms of price range but packs in a lot of features.

The chair has an airbags feature, which moves your body around while you’re getting your massage. It’s a zero gravity chair, with decompression stretch features. The stretch feature is a favorite for many people because it provides a lot of muscle tension relief.

This chair comes with a foot massager. It is a reflexology foot roller. Your experience with this feature may vary because it applies a fair amount of pressure. Some people love it. The company usually provides complimentary footpads (if you ask customer support for them), which provide an extra layer of padding for a softer foot massage if you aren’t enjoying this feature’s strength.

The lower back area has a heat feature.

The chair can do a body scan. When you select to do a scan, the rollers will explore your back, put pressure over you, and figure out your shape. It will then massage you in ways that it thinks will be most beneficial.

Find the Infinity 8500 X3 on Amazon here.

The Infinity Evolution Full Body Zero Gravity 3D/4D

This massage chair is the top of the L-track massage chair line for Infinity. While all of their chairs come in black, and some have a brown option, this chair also has a rose gold color.

The L-track means that this chair can provide a glute massage. With this particular model, it has a 49” range, which is impressive. That means the rollers should be able to massage your head all the way down into your thighs.

The chair has heat for the lower back region.

There is a memory setting, which means that you can manually program two different massage settings and then save them. This is a feature you really want in a high-quality massage chair so you don’t have to remember your personal preferences every time.

The evolution comes with fun features like voice control, an air ionizer, and a USB charging station. That last one may sound unnecessary, but these are the kinds of nice little touches you appreciate in a chair at this range. Being able to charge your devices in the chair is a nice touch.

The foot massager here is a touch more advanced, with three massage rollers per foot and a footrest extension feature.

This model uses different massage therapy techniques, including tapping, kneading, shiatsu, knocking, and sync.

If you are looking for a massage chair that will do a thorough job on your neck and glutes, then this is a strong contender for your needs.

Find the Infinity Evolution on Amazon here.

Are Infinity Massage Chairs Worth the Investment?

Is investing in a massage chair worth it? If this is your first massage chair, you may be nervous. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the experience of sitting in one before. Remembering that experience may help you feel less nervous. People who make a regular practice of sitting in their massage chairs find them to be a great way to relieve muscle tension and relax.

Are Infinity massage chairs good? Yes, overall their line of heavy and sturdy massage chairs stand out for good quality with advanced features. People who are looking for deep massages that work out tight muscles and help with chronic issues particularly like Infinity massage chairs.

If you are also considering models from other brands, make sure to read our articles on the Osaki and Human Touch brands.