Which Are the Most Relaxing Colors for Your Living Room?

Photo of livingroom with relaxing colors

There are enough stressful things that happen around us that when we come home, we just want to sit back and relax! Have you noticed that the type of paint colors you choose for your living room can really make a difference in how effectively you can unwind? Do you wonder which are the most relaxing colors for your living room?

The most relaxing colors for your living room are often blues, pinks, and violets. These are all soft colors that can relax the whole body and mind without being too glaring and bright for you to handle. There are also many shades within these that allow you to pick a relaxing color while still getting to show your unique style.

There are thousands of different paint colors you can choose for your living room and for every room in your home. Let’s take a look at some of the best colors for you to pick to make relaxing easier in your home.


One of the first colors you should consider when you want to relax and enjoy your living room is the color blue. Blue is calm, peaceful, and gentle and many believe that it has the power to manage stress levels. There is so much that blue can do for your soul to refresh you and make relaxation possible. For example, it’s believed that blue can help:

In addition to all those benefits, this color has a cooling effect. There are a lot of shades of blue to work with and choosing the right shade is important. Neutral and soft shades are the best to provide this calming effect.


The right kind of green is a good one for helping you relax. There are some greens that can be too bright and bold for this to work, but if you choose wisely, the green will bring you back to nature. Due to its ties to nature, green is one of the most comforting and beautiful colors to work with.

Many homeowners like to have green in their living room because it can help to diffuse anxiety while making them feel refreshed and calm. The best colors to use for this are pale yellow-green and beige greens. There are other colors of green that can work, but many people find this is one of the best for those needs.


This is not a traditional color that you may think about when you start to look at painting your living room, but pink can be relaxing and help you feel comfortable in your own home. Pink is fantastic for promoting more peace and tranquility in your home. In fact, many Feng Shui practices believe that pink can soothe some of the different energies that are in the room, so they stay understated.

Pink is sometimes considered a girly color. I don’t think so. My husband and I love this color and have used pink for our pillows, tablecloths, and even curtains! Try to use the right shade in the living room and see how it will calm you down and make you more relaxed.


For those who are looking for a simple and classic look, white is one of the best choices. And it does not take as much work as some of the other options. When you add white to the living room, it will probably make you think about things like freshness and clarity. Many homeowners find that white is the perfect color to surround themselves with when they feel stressed out, helping them get some more clarity with their thoughts.

One thing to remember when you choose to use white is that it has to bright and clean, but not too stark. If the white starts to look dull and dirty, your emotions may start to mirror that as well. This might take away from the relaxation you are looking for with white so be careful about that.


Violet is a good choice to use when it comes to colors in your home. Violet is often associated with wisdom, peace, and strength. It is one of the top colors, along with blue, that will bring you some inner peace and more balance in your life. Many people who want to make sure the environment around them is peaceful will choose to add some violet into their space.

You may want to consider adding at least some accents of violet to the mix, even if you find that you do not want to add the color to the whole wall.


This color is sometimes a little surprising to add to our list, but it is a good one to make sure you get some more liveliness and energy when you enter the room, which can make you feel like you just finished relaxing. It is one of the best ways for you to get the whole day started on an energetic note. People who spend time in yellow rooms claim to feel more conscious and active.

Even if you just want to paint one wall yellow so it is not too much on the eyes, this can be a great way to spruce up the room.

When my husband and I moved together into our first apartment, our living room walls were a beautiful combination of white and cream. We really enjoyed spending time in that relaxing environment!


To some, grey may seem like a boring and depressing color. It may seem like it is kind of dull and not the color that you would like to have in your home for a relaxing experience. However, when grey is used well in the home, it can have a cooling and soothing presence. Maybe this is why so many homeowners like to choose grey as the main color when they work to sell the property.

What is even better is that grey is a really easy color to mix and match with. You can easily pair any shade of grey that you would like with white or blue elements to make the living room look relaxing and calm. Any time you start to feel stressed, you can walk into that room and feel so much better in no time.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Living Room

Grey livingroom

The important thing to consider here is that you must pick a color that suits you and your home. While all of the colors above will help to calm the mind and create an atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing and feeling good, if none of them speak to you, then choose a different color.

However, since many of these colors have lots of different shades available, you can probably mix and match and make them work for what you have in mind for the room. If you want the room to be mostly relaxing with a pop of another color, then that is possible too. Grey is particularly great for getting this done. Make your living room your own space and utilize some of the colors above to make this major room in your home more relaxing.

Now you have a clear picture of the most beautiful and relaxing colors for your living room! Enjoy!