How to Make Your Shower the Most Relaxing Experience

Picture of a woman enjoying the most relaxing shower

There are so many small ways to add more relaxation into your life. Maybe you’re not a bath person, you don’t have a big bathroom, or perhaps you don’t enjoy soaking in the tub. That doesn’t mean your daily cleansing session can’t be an opportunity for relaxation and luxury. In that scenario, if I want to add more relaxation to my life, I have to ask myself how to make my shower more relaxing.

The good news is: there are many strong strategies you can employ to get the most benefits from your time in the shower. More than just getting your body clean, you can work to make your shower feel like a spa once and for all with some simple tips. They’re going to focus on doings like reorganizing and redesigning your bathroom space and then quick tips for things to do while you’re in the shower.

Typically, when people talk about relaxing in their bathroom, they think of baths. However, if you are more of a shower person, you already know that this can be a relaxing time. Just like with a bath, there are ways to elevate your experience.

Transforming Your Bathroom

Most of us are not interior designers. The idea of transforming our bathrooms into a place of peace and relaxation sounds wonderful, but also like a headache we can’t see past. If you don’t have the kind of eye that gets you highlighted on Pinterest, that’s perfectly okay. You can still transform your bathroom by taking one step at a time and keeping it simple.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a huge difference in the feel of your bathroom.

So, how to make my shower feel like a spa? Pick and choose from the options that work for you below.

Clean Out The Bathroom

Picture of a clean and decluttered bathroom

This is not the most glamorous first suggestion, but it’s actually going to be the thing that will make the most difference for most people. We’re talking about a very detailed and thorough cleaning job right here.

First, clear out all the clutter. Items build up quickly in the bathroom.

All of the things that feel like clutter, but really need to be in your bathroom? It’s time to get them organized. Take a deep breath and really look at the space. You may have a tight bathroom to work with, but there are still options here.

Can hangers on the wall possibly free up some space? Could a cabinet? There are ones you can purchase that are particularly narrow that may help if your space is small. For example, this narrow bathroom organizer on Amazon.

Do you need some cubes to organize your drawers? Could some of these items belong in a hall closet instead?

Decluttering is going to make your bathroom space so much more relaxing. You never realize how much mental space clutter takes up until it’s gone.

Then, scrub down the bathroom, especially the shower itself. Clearing out any old stains will really help. If you have a stained old tub, you can use oven cleaner to get out super stubborn stains. Keep in mind that this means you will need to wear gloves, open the windows, and turn on fans to properly ventilate the room. Only do this if the stains won’t come out any other way. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the shower when you’re done.

Add Plants To Your Bathroom Space

Now that you’re cleared out and cleaned out, it’s time to add some things in.

Plants are always the first option to consider for adding some relaxing vibes to your bathroom.

Picture of plants in a bathroom

You need to find plants that thrive in humid spaces and probably darker conditions. You may want to consider orchids, succulents, air plants, or an aloe plant or two for your bathroom space. There are plenty of other options out there.

If you have a spare shelf in your shower, you can add plants inside the shower itself. You can also add these on the floor, on a shelf in the bathroom, or above the mirror. Take a look and see where you can make a few plants naturally fit.

Hang A New Shower Curtain

If you don’t have a glass door to your shower, hang a new curtain. This can add a pop of color to your bathroom. It can also be a way to claim the bathroom space as more uniquely yours since the shower curtain will match your style. If you have a bathroom floor mat, make sure to get one that goes well with the mat, or vice versa.

Consider Painting Your Bathroom

This is a more ambitious option for some, but painting your bathroom an earthy color can improve the relaxing feel of the space. Bathroom walls typically aren’t large, but getting around the tight space is sometimes a challenge. Still, this project will likely require an afternoon and do wonders to improve the space.

Change the Lighting In Your Bathroom

How to make my shower feel like a spa: give it spa-quality lighting, of course!

Do this very mindfully! There are a lot of careful considerations you want to make while doing this. For one thing, think about the color of the light you’re adding. If you just painted your bathroom walls or added a new colorful shower curtain, you will want to consider how the color of the lighting affects this. That seems superfluous but can actually make a huge difference in the feel of your bathroom.

Most bathrooms are designed with bright lighting in mind. This is for the tasks you need to do in front of the mirror. For task lighting, you typically want a wattage of 75 to 100 watts. This is helpful for that time but does not set a great relaxing atmosphere for your shower. If you’re showering in the morning, that’s a lot to wake up to.

Some people adjust the lighting in their bathroom by using a dimmer on their existing lights. Some add accent or decorative lighting as an alternative for when they want to relax. You’ll need to look at your bathroom space and decide what works best in your conditions. If you do not have the ability to install new permanent lights, you can find battery-powered options for dim lighting that can sit on your shelf or attach to the wall in a removable way.

If you want to add some extra fun, look for lighting options that add visual interest. Something with a little sparkle or that has a light fixture designed to cause the light to hit in different directions.

Invest In a Nicer Shower Head

Picture of good quality showerheads

If you can find one you like with a water filter, go for it. This can do wonders for your hair.

Do consider the aesthetic of the shower head. If you really like a nice copper look, then that’s going to create a better vibe for you.

The most important feature is likely going to be how the showerhead feels. Do you want one that pulses? With a hard stream? Has massage capabilities? This will be unique to what most calls to you. As Marie Kondo says, find one that sparks joy.

Hang Eucalyptus In Your Shower

You may have seen mention of this trend on social media. It got a lot of attention after it went viral on Reddit and then spread throughout the other social networks. But is it just a trend, or actually a useful tip?

According to studies, it is actually a great way to bring some relaxation to your shower.

The benefits of hanging eucalyptus in your shower include the pleasant aroma and the decongestant qualities of breathing it in. In 2013, a study found that breathing in eucalyptus helped patients with pain relief and lowered their pressure. Then, in 2014, a study found breathing in eucalyptus helped reduce anxiety before surgery. Eucalyptus has also been shown to help with making the mind more alert, so is a great option if you’re showering in the morning.

Before Your Shower: Consider Dry Brushing

Photo of a woman using a dry brush

This is another trend. With this one, it’s important to get clear on what it can and cannot do for you.

Dry brushing has been said to have detoxifying and life-changing benefits. At this point, there aren’t studies that back that up. What it can do, however, is exfoliate. It brushes off dry and dead skin.

We often put a lot of effort into exfoliating our faces, but our bodies deserve the same type of care. When we go to a spa, they recognize this. So if you want to make your shower experience more like a relaxing spa, exfoliating all over is a great way to accomplish that.

You want to do this with a dry brush before the shower as it increases circulation and exfoliates without robbing the skin of moisture, which happens a lot in a hot shower. Doing it before a shower also allows you to rinse off the dead skin once you jump in.

Ideally, you want to use a natural bristle brush with a long handle, so you can get to your back.

Invest in Fun and Spa-Quality Bath Products

Picture of high quality shower products

Always make sure to consider the scent of the products you choose. What fragrances do you find relaxing? While the benefits for your skincare routine are the most important element in choosing quality bath products, don’t underestimate what the fragrance will do to help you relax and enjoy a spa-like experience for your shower.

Of course, most products are made for bath times. That gets a lot of attention. But lots of fun new products are great for the shower.

For example, look at scrubs, facials, and shower steamer or shower melt.

A shower steamer borrows from the idea of a bath bomb. You place it near the drain and it melts in the water, releasing relaxing aromatherapy benefits into the steam of your shower. If you would like to know more about shower steamers, check out my article here.

If you don’t enjoy playing them on the shower flower, you can get a mesh pouch and hang it around the shower faucet.

Other Shower Accessories for a Relaxing Shower

Look at bath sponges, exfoliating gloves, or a bath brush.

Exfoliating gloves make it easy to run your hands over your body and wipe away dead skin. You can find a quality pair for as long as ten or fifteen dollars.

A bath sponge can be had for only a couple dollars but helps the soap foam up while you bathe, making it feel more luxurious.

Listening to the Right Music To Relax During Your Shower

Picture of a woman listening to music and singing in the shower

There are two parts to making this a reality.

First, you’ll need a good way to listen to music during your shower. Some people are completely fine with placing their phone on the bathroom sink and listening to music that way. If you’d like to elevate this, consider getting a waterproof speaker for your shower experience. There is a lot of variety here. On this best-of list, you’ll notice there is a budget option, battery-operated ones, basic versions, and ones with great Bluetooth range. If you know what works for your bathroom space, you can find the easiest option for your space.

Deciding on how to listen to music is your first decision. To really maximize your efforts to make your shower more relaxing, you’ll appreciate having an easy setup where you never have to think about how to get the music going in the bathroom.

The next step is picking the right music to set that spa atmosphere.

You wanted to know: how to make my shower feel like a spa? And so we’ve covered some of the essential parts of the spa experience in designing the room, getting the right spa products, and setting the lighting to feel more like a relaxing spa. The last piece you’ll always experience at a spa is the music.

What is the best music for relaxing during your shower?

Listening to music that easily falls into the background is a good way to relax. This way, there is something playing that makes the most of setting the atmosphere. Meanwhile, you want to make sure the music doesn’t have lyrics that will trigger thoughts of work or the outside world.

It’s a good idea to listen to music without lyrics when you’re trying to relax. Some strong options to look for include movie soundtracks, music in other languages, slow jazz, and lofi hip-hop.

Alternatively, science has come up with options for you. The song “Weightless” by Marconi Union was designed specifically to relieve stress. Studies showed that it reduced anxiety in 65% of participants.

You can give “Weightless” a chance as one track with this YouTube video or on this video where they loop the song for ten hours straight.

To take this a step further, researchers did find a top ten list of the best songs for reducing anxiety. That list includes “Weightless”. The entire playlist on Spotify takes an hour and twenty minutes to get through, so more than you’ll likely need for your relaxing shower time.

After the Shower: Hydration

Photo of a woman applying lotion after shower

Once you’ve finished taking your shower, it’s time to make sure you’re properly hydrated. We lose a lot of moisture from our skin while we take a hot shower. While one strategy is to drink a full glass of water before you step in, you can also do this when you step out.

Let’s look at how to treat your skin once you turn the water off. First, pat your body dry. Don’t rub the towel over your skin, as this pulls on your body and isn’t best for it.

Then, consider rubbing either a massage oil, lotion, or creme over your skin. A massage oil will lock moisture in. A lotion has the benefits of adding in more nutrients from the lotion itself. Either option can be a strong pick, so it’s mostly up to what has worked best for your skin and what you most enjoy.

Look for products that are all-natural if you can and avoid synthetic substances. This is often easier with a massage oil that only has one ingredient, but there are lotions out there that you can find with natural ingredients if that’s more your style.

How to Make My Shower More Relaxing Everyday

Photo of a woman enjoying shower

Don’t feel like you have to use every single one of these tips in order to get the most out of your shower experience. Even if you like a lot of them, you don’t have to add them all at once. Choose one or two options right now that feel great and put them into action. Bookmark this article and you can continue adding more things to create the relaxing shower routine that works for you in the long term.