7 Best Bedside Lamps for Better Sleep – Stylish and Effective

Is your bedside lamp offering an ideal bedtime ambiance? The lighting industry has undergone a series of innovative developments that encourage a lot of manufacturers to create trendy and practical lighting fixtures. Today, there are unique bedside lights that allow you to have better sleep even when life keeps messing with your sleep schedule. In this article, we’ll discuss seven incredible bedside lamps that give you an edge in your pursuit of a restful night.

Here’s our list of the 7 best bedside lamps that will help you settle in for a good night’s sleep:

  1. Casper Glow Light
  2. Dodow – Sleep Aid Device
  3. Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp
  4. Brightech Madison LED Bedside Lamp
  5. Ecologic Mart’s Eye Care
  6. Shine Hai USB Table Lamp
  7. Elegant Designs LT1025 Modern Leather Table Lamp

Whether you are a new parent rolling out of bed every few hours, enjoy working late, have difficulties falling asleep, or love staying up late watching your favorite series, bedside lamps are soft enough to help you wind down and relax while still allowing you enough light to see clearly. Besides catering to people with unique needs, bedside lamps have the power to enhance the quality of sleep by stimulating a healthy circadian rhythm. Also, these lamps support the natural production of melatonin in the body- the hormone that helps you fall asleep.

1. Casper Glow Light

There is something about the Casper Glow Light that makes it more than just a bedside lamp- it’s a smart gadget that mimics natural sunrise and sunset to align with your circadian rhythms. It lights up and dims each night following your mood and schedule, which you can set from the convenience of your phone.

It’s wireless, and you can thus use it as an accent light anywhere and then dock it back onto its base to charge. To adjust the brightness level, just twist it and its internal gyroscope will help adjust the glow to your liking.

-You can customize the lighting to fit your preference

-Has one-touch controls

-Easy to charge overnight

-Suitable for children and adults alike

-You can set multiple nightlights via Bluetooth
-Relatively expensive compared to other bedside lamps

-App and synchronized functions are limited to Android and iOS devices

Check it out at the brand’s website.

2. Dodow – Sleep Aid Device

Dodow is an anti-anxiety device that specifically uses light to help you relax. Essentially, it functions as a metronome with a light system—you simply inhale when the light is expanding and exhale when the light retracts. This rhythm reduces your breathing rate from eleven to six breaths per minute and coaxes your heartbeat rate down, helping you drift off to sleep in twenty short minutes.

-It’s wireless and portable

-It comes with a100 night sleep trial

-Utilizes natural technique to help fall asleep

-Inexpensive compared to other conventional nightlights

-Have simple touchpad controls that make it easy to operate
-Not effective for everyone (not recommended for people who have breathing difficulties or low lung capacity, i.e., asthmatic and those with severe allergies)

-No low battery indication

Check the current price on Amazon here.

3. Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light Therapy Lamp

This is one of the most expensive bedside lamps on the market, but it’s worth the price tag. The Philips Sleep & Wake-Up Light offers 25 brightness settings, is equipped with sunset and sunrise simulation, and has eight soothing sounds. You can use the sunset mode as a night light, a reading lantern, or as a soothing, soft red ambient light.

-Has a modern aesthetic design

-Fantastic sunset and Sunrise simulations

-User-friendly interface that easily adapts to the light in the room

-Wide range of brightness and sound setting to choose from
-Not ideal for travel because it’s bulky and quite heavy

-The initial setup is tedious

-It’s somewhat pricey

This lamp is available on Amazon here.

4. Brightech Madison LED Bedside Lamp

If you’re into minimalist designs, you’ll definitely fall in love with this floor lamp. It comes with a wooden nightstand that’s designed with an additional shelf and a storage drawer. The lamp itself has this sleek mid-century design modernized with sharp LED lighting, a built-in outlet, and two USB ports. It also has a swing arm to adjust its angle, a 60-watt bulb that lasts up to 20,000 hours, and comes with a three-year warranty.

-Energy-efficient LED


-A warm, pleasant glow

-Takes little space

-Adjustable head

-Bright enough to light up a dark room

-It comes with a bedside wooden stand

-Simple design that matches most decors
-Depending on where you live, it might not be compatible with your wall switches; it plugs into 120 volts outlets only

Chek it out on Amazon here.

5. Ecologic Mart’s Eye Care

Be it time to check some last-minute papers for the office or to enjoy that romance fiction book you can’t put down, Ecologic Mart’s Eye Care promises to make it a serene moment of coziness thanks to its warm, pleasant light. It consists of two branches/heads that can work independently- they can prove very beneficial when you have a reading partner or a big book because you can light them simultaneously. It also has a rechargeable 1000mAh battery that can last from a couple of days to several weeks.

-It contains 8 LEDs lighting options

-Has 8 levels of brightness

-Emit eye-friendly warm light

-Has branches that work independently

-It comes with a rechargeable battery

-Offers a lifetime warranty
-Havier that it looks!

Check for availability on Amazon here.

6. Shine Hai USB Table Lamp

The Shine Hai USB Table Lamp is a modern design lamp that gives your house a cozy feel. It provides three dimness settings: high, medium, and low, so it’s easy to find a comfortable reading lighting. It also has an advanced design that includes a base that activates the lamp when touched at any given point. It has a shade of over three pounds, it’s around 15.7 inches tall, and can stand on virtually any flat surface. Besides, it’s equipped with two electric outlets, two USB ports, 6-watt battery capacity, and is backed with a two-year warranty.

-Small size fits any space

-Its base is made of durable hard metal

-Dual USB Charging Ports


-Easy to assemble with over 800 lumens per 6 watts of a bulb

-It comes with a $7 dimmable LED bulb for free

-Touch control metal lamp base that dims the light level to meet your needs
-There is no colorful option for this lamp

Check it out on Amazon here.

7. Elegant Designs LT1025 Modern Leather Table Lamp

If you’re looking for something simple to illuminate and decorate a smaller bedroom, this lamp won’t disappoint. It’s only 21 inches tall, so you don’t have to worry about the lamp being overpowering in the room. It’s also an economical lamp, yet it doesn’t look ‘cheap’ at all. The leather accent on this lamp can match beautifully with a leather headboard or other leather accessories in your home.

-Up to 18 leather colors options

-Genuine leather-wrapped base

-Modern and stylish look

-Energy efficient
-On/Off switch is on the cord, causing inconvenience

-Not ideal for larger bedrooms

Check the different options available on Amazon here.

The Bottom Line

When buying a bedside lamp, the last thing you want is to go overboard with brightness and intensity, as this can mess up your natural sleeping pattern. However, a good bedside lamp will offer excellent visibility that enables you to read in bed while still supporting your circadian rhythm. Furthermore, the right choice of a lamp will add a touch of style and transform your bedroom for the better – and be a dazzling part of your decor.

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